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Free Shipping on all orders!

About The Herbal Power

A Treatment that could Heal Chronic Wounds:

  • Without harmful side-effects
  • Without dangerous chemicals
  • Without painful dressing changes

Sounds like a daydream?
It used to be my daydream.

Hi, I’m Shea Weinstock, and I’m not a health nut.
I enjoy crunching on potato chips and munching on cake. I generally trust conventional medicine.

So how did I become a producer and practitioner of natural products?

It started with my diabetic father. Watching him suffer from painful diabetic sores was agonizing.

I dreamed of an effective treatment for his wounds.
A treatment that didn’t involve excruciating pain.
A treatment that contained no side effects.

A treatment that would actually heal the wound effectively.

“But what made me angry, really, all the time was, nobody ever seemed to be really doing anything. Just one dressing off, put another one on… ‘There you go, see you in two to three days’ time…’”
-Chronic wound patient 

Conventional medicine prevents infection. But it doesn’t do anything to actually heal the wound. The constant dressing changes were not only excruciating, but ineffective.
My fathers’ wounds refused to close, and eventually his bone became exposed.
The doctors wanted to amputate.  Unfortunately, he passed away before that.

After my father’s passing, I was on fire with a desire to heal people. I didn’t want others to suffer like he did.

I became an EMT and joined a volunteer paramedic organization in my community.

But I wanted to do more.
My father’s experiences taught me that conventional medicine may not be enough.

It was time to tap into nature’s secret power.

Many herbs, oils, and plants later, I developed HPA Amazing Wound treatment

HPA uses powerful herbs like zinc, lanolin, and calendula to: increase wound closure and protein metabolism, and speed up cell creation.

Majority of my clients are referred to me by past clients who’ve seen incredible results. That’s how effective it is.

It’s too late for my father.

But I’m committed to helping as many people as I can.
Reach out to me. I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

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