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Free Shipping on all orders!

Heal your
chronic wounds injuries burns rashes skin conditions

once and for all.

HPA Amazing Wound Treatment - the only wound treatment that prevents infection and promotes healing.

Success Stories

Triple C instantly relieves congestion! For kids and adults. I always make sure to have the cream when I fly aboard and everyone gets to sleep better.

Hindy, Brooklyn, NY

Had a few deep ulcer which top doctors tried healing it with medicated creams that couldn't heal. Once we started using the herbal power creams the ulcer started healing to the awe and wonder of all doctors!

Mike D., New York

I came home from vacation with strong sunburn, applied herbal power cream, oil and powder and It helped spontaneously.

Shimmy, New Jersey

Are you (or a loved one) suffering from ulcers, chronic wounds, or burns?

Living with chronic wounds is tough. Uncomfortable, painful, and humiliating.

You need your wounds to heal already.
So you:
Dressed your wound more times than you can count.
Purchased cartloads of “miracle creams” that didn’t work at all.
Tried various procedures your doctor recommended, such as surgery, grafting, or unna boots.

Maybe you’re thinking of trying alternative medicine. But you’re wary.

You know that many creams touting themselves as “totally natural” contain cortisone.
You’re suspicious of creams that aren’t backed by science.
You’re not ready to buck conventional medicine completely

Is there anything to do for stubborn wounds that are wrecking your life?

Shea Weinstock EMT understands the pain and frustration you’re feeling.
Because he felt the same way.

Watching his father suffer from diabetic wounds, Shea realized that conventional wound treatment prevents infection, but does nothing to heal the wound.
He set out to create a treatment that would not only prevent infection, but also promote healing. And after much research, testing, and learning, he created HPA Amazing Wound treatment to help his father and all wound-sufferers.

HPA Amazing Wound Treatment's Stats:

Success Rate

Satisfied Customers

Weeks average healing time*

*Please note that 3 weeks is the average healing time for a burn. Each wound is individual and may take a different amount of time to heal.


Herbal Power Alternative is made of natural herbs that are specifically chosen for their healing properties.
Unlike conventional wound treatment, which only focuses on preventing infection, HPA Amazing Wound Treatment uses a 3-pronged, proactive approach:

Prevents Infection:

with its anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-septic properties

Promotes Healing:

by increasing wound closure and protein metabolism, and speeding up cell creation

Relieves Pain:

with its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties

Natural. And it works.

HPA Amazing Wound Treatment is 100% natural, which means you don’t have to worry about cortisone’s harmful effects.

No cortisone. No steroids. No chemicals.
Only nature’s healing power.

Some of our Powerful Ingredients


- Restores injured and diseased tissue
- Decreases inflammation and bacterial growth


- Moisturizes skin from the outside
- Helps the skin moisturize from inside


- Encourages healing with its anti-inflammatory properties
- Helps a barrier form between the skin and the environment without clogging pores


- Restores firmness to skin by nourishing and astringing tissue
- Promotes skin regeneration
- Contains anti-inflammatory properties


- Contains anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties
- Serves as an antiseptic

The ONLY Wound Treatment That's:

100% Natural



The Power of
Natural Herbs + Conventional Medicine

As an EMT, Shea works hand-in-hand with doctors. Although his technique differs from conventional medicine, he’s earned doctors’ trust and works alongside them.


“With results,” says Shea. “And by showing them that we are there to work alongside them, not instead of them, complementing their expertise in medicine with our alternative healing.”

Powerful individually. Extra Potent as a Combination

What you get when you order the HPA Amazing Wound Treatment Value Pack:

Amazing Oil

A blend of 16+ effective healing
oils from around the globe
For small wounds and most skin conditions

Amazing Powder

An antiseptic wound powder
made of potent herbs
For ulcers, rashes, cuts, bites and more

Amazing Cream

A blend of 56 herbs and essential oils

For all wounds, rashes, and burns, no matter how deep or stubborn

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