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I’d like to share our personal story about the famous combo, Cream, Oil, Powder from Herbal Power invented by Rabbi Weinstock. Our son got a small pimple a couple a weeks ago and we thought it was a mosquito bite. But after getting bigger we took him to our pediatrician who diagnosed it as a MRSA infection and sent us the ER.

After a few sleepless nights at the hospital a friend told us about the amazing procedure that’s helps 100% within a couple of days. We contacted the Herbal Power o”ce and were sent to the Monsey o”ce located on Robert Pitt Drive. B”H it’s 2 weeks since and happy to write this story. Here’s the number to contact 347.374.0985
P.S. They treat ulcers, burns, cellulitis, etc.

-Mimi M.

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