TRIPLE C – Cold-Cough-Congestion Relieve Rub

A potent antiviral, antibacterial cold and flu remedy used by herbalist for centuries.

Use this strongly aromatic remedy before, during, and after cold and flu season as a protective agent and a topical healing rub if you do succumb.
The benefits are derived via inhalation of the herbal properties as well as absorption into your bloodstream through your pores.

This is one of our ultra-favorite remedies when suffering from a bad cold or feel like the flu is trying to take hold. It’s chock-full of antiviral, antiseptic, and respiratory-channel clearing properties.

This formula can also be used as a cold and flu preventive, as it fortifies resistance and general immunity and keeps microbes at bay, so you might want to use it daily prior to cold and flu season.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Massage a small dab onto your throat, the back of your neck, your chest, behind your ears, and your temples. Do this two or three times daily. For best results, Rub the formula into your feet prior to bed and again before getting dressed in the morning. Yes, indeed! The soles of the feet are full of sweat glands and have an amazing ability to absorb the healing properties of herbs. So massage a small dab into the sole of each foot and between the toes, twice per day. Put on socks immediately after.

A bit of balm can also be rubbed around the nasal area, as we find that the scent and healing properties really relieve sinus and lung congestion.

The aromati c medicinal properties extracted from the herbs will penetrate your nasal passages as well as the thousands of pores in your skin and feet and be absorbed into your bloodstream.

Note: This is an aroma therapeutically concentrated formula, so use only in the pea-size portion as directed. Do not slather it all over your body.

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